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Its very frustrating to purchase a “new” used car only to discover that after you drive it off the lot, it starts acting up. To see if your car is CRAP, take these steps:

How to tell if your car was a Lemon

  • Start a notebook to document trouble that you are having with the car.  Write down the date and time of the trouble and specify what is not working right.

  • Take the car back to the dealer and advise of that trouble.  Document the date and time that you communicate with the dealer, whether in person, by telephone, email or text.  This notebook is going to be evidence if we have to litigate your case.

  • Check the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (“NMVTIS”) at  For a nominal fee, you can put in the VIN of the car and get the title history.  Look at it and see if any of the prior owners were insurance companies, dealers, auto repair shops.  If you want send us the title history and we will review it for you for free at [email protected]

  • If the dealer cannot fix the car to your satisfaction, find a mechanic who can inspect the car.  At this point, you want a mechanic that will look at the car’s interior as well as the engine, body, frame and under carriage to see if there is any prior undisclosed damage to your car.

  • If the mechanic finds damage evidence of prior damage that was not disclosed to you, call us at Crap Car Law at (248) 353-2882 for a free no obligation consultation.

Crashed Car? How To Tell If Your Car Was A Lemon

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