Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to Ask About CRAP Cars

  1. Get the salesman’s name that you spoke with and write it down in a notebook. 
  2. Take these pictures with your phone:
    1. The VIN on the dashboard;
    2. The VIN on the driver’s side door frame. 
    3. Any and all stickers or signs on or in the car.
  3. If you found the car online, download or print out the advertisement.
  4. Ask for a Carfax or Autocheck report anyway.  They are not reliable, but you should have these things for your file.
  1. Run the VIN through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System  Obtain the title history and look at it.  Better yet, have us look at it for you, for free.  You can email it to us at [email protected]
  2. Review the title report and note:
    1. How many prior owners were of this car?
    2. Were any prior owners an insurance company, dealership or repair facility? 
    1. Damage history 
        1. Has this car ever been in any accidents?
        2. Has this car even been in a flood?
        3. Does the dealer have the prior service records for this car?  If so, get a copy of them.
  1. Dealer’s acquisition of the car
      1. How did the dealer acquire this car?
      2. When did the dealer acquire this car?
      3. Has this car been physically inspected by the dealership?
      4. What kind of work did the dealership do this car from the time it purchased it, to today?
      5. If it’s a certified preowned, get a list of everything that the dealer inspected to label it as “certified pre owned.”
      6. If you acquired this car from a dealer or seller in another state, what state did this car last come from?
  1. Can I give you $100 deposit to hold the car?  If so,
    1. How long will you hold this car for me before I decide whether I want to buy it.
    2. Is my deposit refundable? 
  2. Can you deliver a title to the car immediately if I decide to purchase it? 
  3. If I finance this car through you, what are the very best terms that you can offer me for interest rate and loan term?
  4. If I drive off this lot with this car, is it mine now or is subject to the dealer finding a lender to buy the financing contract?
  1. Ask, again, if they can provide you with a title to the car within 10 days. 
  2. Scan each and every document and save it to your computer; preferably a cloud based place such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.
  3. Take your time signing each document.  Ask for a complete explanation of what each document is that you are signing.

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