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Crap Car Lawyers is a division of Credit Repair Lawyers of America. We have been helping consumers with credit issues and debt collection problems since 2007. We are a Michigan based law firm that serves consumers in several states. We are known for reviewing people’s credit reports for free and giving them advice on how they can improve their credit standing. Our litigation services cost our clients nothing out of pocket.

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Our 2022 Expansion Into Helping Consumers Who Purchase Crap Cars

In 2022, we have expanded our services to include helping people who have been cheated by car dealers. There are a lot of CRAP cars being sold today and its our goal to help consumers who have been cheated or deceived by a used car dealer.

Attorney Gary Nitzkin

Gary Nitzkin


Gary Nitzkin has been practicing law since 1990 and suing the credit bureaus since 2008. He formed Credit Repair Lawyers of America to fix your credit, stop debt collectors from harassing you and to clean your credit report when you have been victimized by identity theft.

Attorney Carl Schwartz

Carl Schwartz


He came to us with a wealth of experience fighting for consumers under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Act. He is a rising star at Credit Repair Lawyers of America and graduated from the University of Michigan.

Attorney Gary Hansz

Gary Hansz


Gary has been practicing law for over 25 years focusing on debtor/creditor law and civil litigation. He has represented individuals, businesses, and governmental entities with the same zealous effort to achieve successful outcomes.

Attorney Daniel Brennan

Daniel Brennan


Daniel is a litigation attorney with a wide variety commercial and trial experience. Daniel received his Juris Doctor from Florida International University, where he graduated cum laude, after obtaining a business degree from the University of Florida.

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