Did You Buy A Crap Car From A Used Car Dealer?

C.R.A.P.Car Runs Always Poorly

Since the pandemic started in 2020, bad used cars have flooded the market and they continue to do so.

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Pre-Owned Car With Unreported Damage
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    Welcome to Crap Car Lawyers. We are consumer rights law firm dedicated to helping people who have been deceived into buying Crap cars.

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    Crap Car Lawyers is a division of Credit Repair Lawyers of America. We have been helping consumers with credit issues and debt collection problems since 2007. We are a Michigan based law firm that serves consumers in several states. We are known for reviewing people’s credit reports for free and giving them advice on how they can improve their credit standing. Our litigation services cost our clients nothing out of pocket.

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    5 Ways Your Used Car Became Crap

    Crap Car Due To Prior Undisclosed Mechanical Problems
    Prior Undisclosed Mechanical Problems

    Your car may have been returned to the dealer as a lemon and resold to you.

    Crap Car Due To Prior Flood Or Hurricane Damage
    Prior Flood Or Hurricane Damage

    Hurricanes not only flood homes and cars, but also flood the used car market.

    Crap Car Due To Odometer Was Tampered With And Rolled Back
    Odometer Was Tampered With And Rolled Back

    Did you know that there are devices that you can buy that illegally change the odometer on a car?

    Crap Car Due To Undisclosed Prior Wreck Or Salvage Car
    Undisclosed Prior Wreck Or Salvage Car

    A dealer can put a little time and money and make this car pretty again… but will it ever drive right? Insurance companies put tons of these cars back on the market. Did you buy one?

    Crap Car Due To Rental Police Or Stolen Car
    Was Your Car A Rental Police Or Stolen Car?

    During the pandemic, the rental car companies sold 1/3 of their fleet to the open market. Did you buy a car that was used and abused?

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    Find out if your car is CRAP

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    Learn Why You Cannot Rely On Carfax or Autocheck Reports

    Why You Cannot Rely On Carfax
    or Autocheck Reports

    Dealers use these reports to hustle consumers into used cars. However, neither the dealer nor the reports are trustworthy.

    These services are often used by used car dealers to show that the car has a clean title and history. But these services are just not reliable for several reasons.

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    Do You Really Know Where Your Used Car Came From?

    Pre Owned Car Used As A Taxi Cab
    Taxi Cab
    Pre Owned Car Used As A Rental Car
    Rental Car
    Pre Owned Car Was Stolen And / Or Used For Drug Manufacturing
    Stolen Cars Used For Drug Manufacturing
    Pre Owned Car Suffered From Flood Or Hurricane Damage

    Hurricanes have created lots of these cars

    Pre Owned Car Bought By Insurance Company After It Was Totaled
    Insurance Company Buy It After It Was Totaled

    What does “Certified Pre Owned” really mean?

    Questions to ask the dealer before you buy that used car.

    “Title Washing” – How Car Dealers can legally lie to you and what you can do about it.

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    Awesome Work! I got a complete refund

    I had a terrible used car buying experience and was feeling hopeless. I contacted Crap Car Lawyers and they were able to get me a complete refund. They were very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.”

    Happy Client Review By Scott Philson, GA

    Thanks to your team I got my MONEY BACK!

    5 Star Client Reviews On Google
    5 Star Client Reviews On Facebook
    5 Star Client Reviews On Yelp
    Scott Philson, GA ★★★★★

    I bought a car from a used car dealer and it’s been nothing but a headache. I contacted Crap Car Lawyers and they helped me get my money back. Thank you so much for your help!”

    Erik Garner, MI ★★★★★

    Happy Client Review By Erik Garner, MI

    I was about to buy a used car from a dealership. I did some research and contacted Crap Car Lawyers. They saved me from making a huge mistake. I’m glad I called.”

    Laura Hickey, GA ★★★★★

    Happy Client Review By Laura Hickey, GA

    Frequently Asked Questions About CRAP Cars

    1. Get the salesman’s name that you spoke with and write it down in a notebook. 
    2. Take these pictures with your phone:
      1. The VIN on the dashboard;
      2. The VIN on the driver’s side door frame. 
      3. Any and all stickers or signs on or in the car.
    3. If you found the car online, download or print out the advertisement.
    4. Ask for a Carfax or Autocheck report anyway.  They are not reliable, but you should have these things for your file.
    1. Run the VIN through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System https://www.vehiclehistory.gov.  Obtain the title history and look at it.  Better yet, have us look at it for you, for free.  You can email it to us at [email protected]
    2. Review the title report and note:
      1. How many prior owners were of this car?
      2. Were any prior owners an insurance company, dealership or repair facility? 
    1. Can I give you $100 deposit to hold the car?  If so,
      1. How long will you hold this car for me before I decide whether I want to buy it.
      2. Is my deposit refundable? 
    2. Can you deliver a title to the car immediately if I decide to purchase it? 
    3. If I finance this car through you, what are the very best terms that you can offer me for interest rate and loan term?
    4. If I drive off this lot with this car, is it mine now or is subject to the dealer finding a lender to buy the financing contract?
    1. Ask, again, if they can provide you with a title to the car within 10 days. 
    2. Scan each and every document and save it to your computer; preferably a cloud based place such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.
    3. Take your time signing each document.  Ask for a complete explanation of what each document is that you are signing.

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